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Hanger Hook Blast Machine

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Part No. Hanger Hook Blast Machine

Pangborn Hanger Hook Blast Machines are versatile blast cleaning machines for mixed loads of medium and large work pieces that frequently include fragile or irregularly shaped work pieces.

Specifically designed to thoroughly clean work that cannot touch. There is no movement between the work and no part-on-part contact ensuring complete blast coverage without tumbling damage or tangling parts. Variety of sizes and configurations are available, a standard hook blasting machine has a generous work cylinder. Standard models come with three blast wheels, and more can be added as necessary for even greater coverage.

  • Details

⦿ Ideal for cleaning, deburring, descaling, deflashing, sand removal, and peening

⦿ Castings, forgings, fabrications, die casting, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, small automotive parts, or heat-treated work pieces

⦿ Fragile or irregularly shaped parts

⦿ Medium or large parts

Machine Specific Features

⦿ Multiple blast positions in the cabinet
⦿ Automatic doors
⦿ Self-driving trolleys and/or lifting hoists
⦿ Recovery hoppers outside blast cabinet
⦿ Frequency converters for blast wheels
⦿ Work diameter up to 7m (23’0”) and 4409 lbs (2000 kg) load

Machine Specific Options

    • ⦿ Single or dual door design
    • ⦿ Can be equipped with:
    • ⦿ Overhead monorail (straight or Y)
    • ⦿ Overhead bridge crane
    • ⦿ Gantry crane
    • ⦿ Hoists
    • ⦿ Lifting gears with fixed or rotating hooks
    • ⦿ Airblast finishing station

Standard Options

⦿ Magnetic separator
⦿ Separator on the Floor (SOFO)- Low headroom designs
⦿ Work handling fixtures
⦿ Split elevators
⦿ Hydraulics package
⦿ Shaker conveyor reclaim system
⦿ Automatic abrasive replenisher
⦿ 2 piece scalping drum
⦿ Dust collector (integral or external)
⦿ Magna Valves
⦿ Special Paint

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