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Installation & Operator Training


Pangborn provide full installation of your new Automatic Shot Blasting Machine, removal of your old system and full testing after installation. 

Once your old system has been dismatled and removed, and your new shot blast system has been fully installed. We test all programmes in the machine to ensure everything has been installed correctly and running exactly as it should.

We personally install all automatic shot blasting machinery, our team of professional Pangborn service technicians make sure your new state-of-art shot blast system, is installed correctly and running efficiently. 

Service & Maintenance Plans are also available. 







Operator training is available for your workforce to ensure full productivity and efficency is achieved, and minimal downtime caused due to maintenance.

We provide full training to your workforce on how to safely and efficiently use your new machinery. Ensuring there is full understanding on how to use your new state-of-the-art automatic shot blast system – to it’s full operational potential and efficiency.

Operator training is available on a 1-1 basis or as a group setting, at your own business location. Contact Us for more details. 





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