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Table Blast Machines

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Part No. Table Blast Machines

Pangborn Table Blast Machines combine superior design with rugged construction in a fully integrated table system to handle larger and/or more fragile castings.

Superior design, quality, and rugged construction make the Pangborn Table Blast Machines reliable and efficient to maintain. They are specifically designed to thoroughly clean batches with different sizes or work pieces that cannot touch.

Work pieces are loaded on a table or on satellites fixed to a table prior to entering the blast chamber. There is no movement between the work and no part-on-part contact. Several work pieces can be blasted or cleaned simultaneously making Pangborn Table Blast Machines a good choice for cleaning a variety of work pieces together.

Our machines come in a number of sizes and configurations depending on the customer’s needs. The configuration of options in the standard line result in several specific solutions ranging from a single table machine to a table machine with multiple satellite arrangements for applications in foundries, forges, automotive, heat treatment industries, and more.

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Finishing Processes and Applications

⦿ Ideal for processes including deflashing, descaling, profiling, and surface finishing

⦿ Castings, forgings, die castings, weldments, heat-treated work pieces, and stampings

⦿ High value and/or fragile work pieces





General Features and Benefits

P-41 Alloy and Steel Construction for:

⦿ Enhanced durability

⦿ Machine longevity


Genesis Wheel Technology:

⦿ Better abrasive control and improved flow boosts machine performance and productivity

⦿ Enhanced durability and longevity

⦿ Ease of maintenance

⦿ High/Low/Variable speed options for flexibility and precision


High Efficiency Separator:

⦿ Consistent blast quality and abrasive flow for a better finished product and more efficient operations

⦿ Optimized contaminant removal

⦿ Paint savings

⦿ Better abrasive life for cost savings


Electronics Package:

⦿ Multiple package options to meet your needs (Basic, PLC/Touch Screen, PC based)

⦿ Remote connectivity for easier and more efficient troubleshooting and maintenance

⦿ Back office integration and data collections for improved operations

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