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Rotoblast Barrels

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Part No. Rotoblast Barrels

Pangborn Rotoblast® Barrels provide a cost-effective solution for batch cleaning, deburring, descaling, decoring, deflashing and peening a wide variety of products. They are designed and built as fully integrated blast cleaning systems, eliminating the need for separate dust collection systems.


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Features and Benefits:

⦿ A ruggedly built blast chamber equipped with a reinforced, rubber belt conveyor

⦿ A continuous abrasive handling and reclamation system with Pangborn air wash separator

⦿ An integral cartridge-type dust collector

⦿ Machine wired for easy installation

⦿ An air operated door and abrasive gate as standard

⦿ Greater abrasive flow and higher horsepower

⦿ Greater productivity

⦿ Faster cleaning cycles with less noise



Available Options:

⦿ Special paint

⦿ 230/3/60 and/or 50 cycle electrics

⦿ PLC/touch screen control

⦿ Abrasive level indicator

⦿ Automatic Replenisher

⦿ Loader and/or Take away conveyor

⦿ Pneumatic unload flip gates

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