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Vertical Blast Cleaning Machine

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Part No. Vertical Blast Cleaning Machine

Pangborn SES offers a wide range of low energy, standard blast cleaning systems with 4 or 6 wheel units for vertical section, profile, pipe and occasional plate cleaning. Suitable for small structural steel or fabrication companies or contract blasters with output of up to 80 tonnes of steel per week.


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Technical Data, Features & Benefits

Blast Wheel Speed
Variable from 2200 to 3800 RPM when fitted with optional electronic inverter control.

Blast Wheel Type
Pangborn RIM-LOC 8 Vane type reversible rotoblast wheels, achieve faster cleaning and feature the easiest and quickest maintenance vane change in the industry.

Machine Operating Speed
When fitted with 7.5 kW or 11.0 kW wheel motors the average throughput speed is 1.25 m - 1.5 m per minute when cleaning to SA2.5.

Abrasive Control System
Single or individual quadrant valve activated by sensor or manual push button.

Blast Cabinet Protection
Cross rolled manganese steel.

Blast Cabinet Floor
High chrome alloy steel perforated floor plates.

Abrasive Recovery System
Heavy duty screw conveyors, belt and bucket elevator and cascade type airwash unit.

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