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Water Heater Blast Machines

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Part No. Water Heater Blast Machines
The Pangborn Water Heater Blast Machine technology is ideal for surface preparation prior to enameling internal surfaces of water heaters and is the preferred choice of major manufacturers worldwide.

Shot blasting replaces the pickling process in the surface preparation method of water heater internal surfaces. This results in a lower environmental impact (no pickling acids and sludges) and is usually less expensive as a result of indirect cost savings.

The Water Heater Blast Machines are modern, automatic, and fully programmable. Pangborn’s rotating blasting lances with air compressed nozzles eliminates the need to install special rotating hooks on the overhead conveyor. The result is more reliable blasting performance along with reduced costs since there is no need to purchase and maintain rotating hooks on the overhead conveyor.

Designed to perform the internal blasting for water heaters and boilers with a maximum 23.6″ (600 mm), diameter and up to 6’7″ (2000 mm) height (standard version), the Water Heater Blast Machine consists of up to ten (10) blasting stations. These stations are equipped with a variety of nozzle types and independent centering systems resulting in a production rate of 170 pcs/h (standard version). Special solutions can also be customized based on specific customer requirements.

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Finishing Processes and Applications

⦿ Internal descaling by airblast gun prior to enameling

⦿ Domestic water heaters and boilers



General Features and Benefits

⦿ Power & free conveyor (no rotating hooks)

⦿ Automatic pieces identifier for PLC programs

⦿ Two or three step cycle

⦿ Specific nozzles set for bottomless heaters

⦿ Independent centering systems

⦿ Abrasive removal in blow-off and shaking stations

⦿ Work piece dimension: Diameter up to 23.6″ (600 mm), height up to 6’7″ (2000 mm)

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